Sunday, January 22, 2017

New EP out. Smashing fascism, one synth-pop song at a time.

Not untrue. I do what I must.

A tiny EP. 4 tracks totaling about 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The first track isn't really a song, it's the oppressive feeling of watching the world attack itself as an evil empire grows omnipresent. And it's only 26 seconds long. The other three are darkly oozing dancey synth-pop songs for humans and other monsters.    ::more text below the music::

These songs were born out of a meeting of danceable synthesizer love and extreme frustration about the state of the world over the last year. It all culminates with the ushering in of a terrible orange curse upon our people, hence my release date of January 20, 2017. My muse is... not amused. She's been around a lot in the past 14 months. We've been holed up, like mad scientist toymaker gardners, seeding, growing, building, testing new musics (and even an automaton or two.) However, the songs on this EP pushed their way up and out fast, and are, to me, teachers. I know a lot of composer/songwriters, etc, feel this way, and I have before... but now, quite surely. Casting an unapologetic light on what I see as a very dark time. Wrapped in dark electro-pop packages, delicious, poetic invitations to consider the state of the human world, and our place in it together.

Most of the sounds & songs you hear on this album were initially created using the Roland JD-Xi synthesizer. Sometimes further treated in production, not always. Shout out! I do love that little beast.

Mita Lupa
The Fall of Decency :: Part 1 :: EP

Mita Lupa :: The Fall of Decency :: Part 1 :: EP graphics and credits

1. The Inauguration of Odious Re
2. Temptin' Fate
3. Everything's Dangerous
4. No One's Receiving

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