Thursday, August 3, 2023

The Early Years

Set up a new SoundCloud page a while back, for some of my very early works.


Collected 'em up with other golden oldies from my main page, here:

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Bit of Catch-up

 Hello, all.

I've been hermiting a bit, as I know many of you have.
I continue creating & there is consistency & evolution.

Some groovy news:

Reached 1k followers on SoundCloud this week. Woots!!

BIG LOVE & THANKS to those who listen to my music & follow me on the various platforms.

Speaking of which...

I'm releasing all of my albums through CDBaby, & in doing so making my music available via various stores & streaming sites. Just do a search for my name wherever, & you'll see whatever works I have available at that point. Also stoked to be set up for commercial syndication. I'd love to be considered for media inclusion - film, TV, podcasts, etc. - so by all means, please get in contact & I can help you find pieces of mine that could suit your project. I am also, as ever, looking to score music & design sound for film, theater, dance... solo or in collaboration.... hit me up. I can create your theme music, your incidental music, your commercial jingle, your intro-outro music. The creepy, stormy background of your horror animation, or the bells-&-bumblebees sunshine sound bed for your fairy tale podcast. Anything in between, beyond, or besides. Lets talk.

I'm still working out some kinks in the paperwork w/ CDBaby, but 2 of my albums are available all around, so far:

Me @ Amazon * YouTube 

Both of these albums are available on Spotify, here: 

As ever, you can find me on 
(links open to my pages, in new windows)

All the other platforms, just do a search. More to come available soon! 
Again - thanks for listening, following, subscribing, sharing. Your support is PURE GOLD...
it truly helps me & my music out, & is very much appreciated 💖

:: Mita

PS ~ I created a post a while back, going into some detail about each song & its creation, for my LP 'Catch a Tiger...'. If you're into that sort of thing, you can find it here.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Last Dance Before Sleeping :: VIDEO

Last Dance Before Sleeping :: VIDEO 

Shame on me, I didn't post this here upon initial publication. But here it is, for your viewing & listening enjoyment, the awe-inspiring footage from one of the times I almost touched down on a distant red planet in a galaxy not so far away.

Last Dance Before Sleeping Song from the album :: CATCH A TIGER BY THE TOE :: Recorded & released 2014 Video created 4/2022 © 2013 & 2022 Mita Lupa :: Mondo Omino Records :: Mondomino Arts Find the LP on Bandcamp & Soundcloud. MITA LUPA Sonic stories for humans & other gods & monsters. @mita_lupa Follow me here & there for more.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

WOLF EATS the MOON :: New Sights for Seasoned Sounds

Love music for tigers & wolves ~ How to eat the moon while purring.

WOLF EATS the MOON Song from the album :: CATCH A TIGER BY THE TOE :: Recorded & released 2014 Video created 2/2022 © 2013 & 2022 Mita Lupa :: Mondo Omino Records :: Mondomino Arts Find the LP on Bandcamp & Soundcloud. MITA LUPA Sonic stories for humans & other gods & monsters. @mita_lupa Follow me here & there for more.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

CURRENT: Mita Lupa : Cure for Tarantism ~ 8 songs released

For my recent tiny videos, go to my video page or my Instagram @mita_lupa

Everything © Mita Lupa 2018-2019.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Adding images ::

More visual art page updates happening on the regular.
Just put up a few examples of my branding & packaging design work from back when, plus a smattering of other projects, including some super sweet sound schematics.

About to add another painting or two.

click for~

Ciao for now.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Page updated: Fine Art ~ 2-D

Therein you will find 2-D art that I've made by hand. Paintings, drawings, prints, & my latest adventure - collages. There's a link on the left, or you can get there by clicking here: Mita's 2D Fine Art.

The page features selected works from over the decades. Ones that I'm proud of, which I enjoy,  & that I feel most continue to represent me over time.

More to come soon, as I'm on a big visual art bender lately. The first piece on the new art page was completed only a few days ago, & more water-media will be posted soon.

Of note, regarding my 2-D art: My first job was as a helper/apprentice with a fine art oil painter in Phoenix, AZ. I learned *so much* working with her for 3 years, between the ages of 14 & 17. I prepped her surfaces in the very particular ways that she preferred, which - if a canvas - often required around a dozen coats of gesso, sanded & steel-wooled in between to create the glass-smooth but still-springy surface that she so loved (inspired by the canvases of her fave artist, Salvador Dali). The skills I learned from & with her - art skills, life skills, the art of storytelling - have assisted me in my own life's work ever since.

I also have a knack for imitating the work of other artists, & I've had other jobs assisting other artists with their own creations, as well, including the detailed painting, itself. Various styles.

Here's a list of the mediums/techniques I'm skilled with:

Gouache (new to me! Fun!)
Canvas & paper stretching & prep
Oil-based linoleum printmaking
Graphite pencils
Colored pencils
Ink work
Trompe L'oeil
Illustration (figurative & otherwise)
Stained glass
Reverse-glass painting
Paper Mache
Welding (gas, mig, tig)
Set/stage painting
Lighting design
Costume design & building
Beadwork (lots)
Fabric Dying

I'm sure I've left some off. They'll come to me later. In the meantime, if you're interested in working with/hiring me for an art project/job, & don't see that yours is a medium I'm already skilled with, try me! There's a chance I'm at the very least familiar with the technique, & I'm also quite savvy with new tools & techniques. Cheers!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Page updated :: Graphic Arts

You should be able to see the link to the left, but here's a shortcut: Mita's Graphic Art

Currently, it mostly showcases some of my more recent work, created over the last five years, with some very recent collages (created in the last month, June-July 2018).

Soon I will be adding older work, including the retail packaging design of my former incarnation as a specialist in this regard.

Check back soon for more, or inquire within if you wish to see samples of this work sooner.


Saturday, May 6, 2017

Wolf Eats the Moon

Based on a true story. Names changed to protect the innocent.

from the 'Catch a Tiger by the Toe' LP, released 12/2014

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

This week's most listened to song: An oldie

This spooky little song came from the waste-not-want-not end bit of a tape during my 4-track days. All the music is from my Casio MT-140 keyboard, voice recorded w/ an SM-58, all onto my Yamaha MT-120 cassette 4-track. Some of my fave old tunes were the less-the-one-minute experimental bits that came from those master tape cassette leftovers. This one is no exception, and seems to remain a listener fave. It's also downloadable (free!) via Soundcloud. Enjoy!

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