Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Bit of Catch-up

 Hello, all.

I've been hermiting a bit, as I know many of you have.
I continue creating & there is consistency & evolution.

Some groovy news:

Reached 1k followers on SoundCloud this week. Woots!!

BIG LOVE & THANKS to those who listen to my music & follow me on the various platforms.

Speaking of which...

I'm releasing all of my albums through CDBaby, & in doing so making my music available via various stores & streaming sites. Just do a search for my name wherever, & you'll see whatever works I have available at that point. Also stoked to be set up for commercial syndication. I'd love to be considered for media inclusion - film, TV, podcasts, etc. - so by all means, please get in contact & I can help you find pieces of mine that could suit your project. I am also, as ever, looking to score music & design sound for film, theater, dance... solo or in collaboration.... hit me up. I can create your theme music, your incidental music, your commercial jingle, your intro-outro music. The creepy, stormy background of your horror animation, or the bells-&-bumblebees sunshine sound bed for your fairy tale podcast. Anything in between, beyond, or besides. Lets talk.

I'm still working out some kinks in the paperwork w/ CDBaby, but 2 of my albums are available all around, so far:

Me @ Amazon * YouTube 

Both of these albums are available on Spotify, here: 

As ever, you can find me on 
(links open to my pages, in new windows)

All the other platforms, just do a search. More to come available soon! 
Again - thanks for listening, following, subscribing, sharing. Your support is PURE GOLD...
it truly helps me & my music out, & is very much appreciated 💖

:: Mita

PS ~ I created a post a while back, going into some detail about each song & its creation, for my LP 'Catch a Tiger...'. If you're into that sort of thing, you can find it here.

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