BROKEN WATER COLLECTION :: First years, vocal pop-rock

A tiny smattering from my earliest music-making years. Most of these songs were recorded on a Yamaha MT-120 cassette 4 track.
Recently created this playlist, has many more songs than were previously featured on this page.

Below are the songs originally published on this page. Still up, but are also now included in the playlist, above. I'm keeping them here, just because.

Here are links to both of my Soundcloud pages, where you can find them:

Starting with.... 'Boy Gone Fishin' which is the first song I ever wrote, produced, & engineered, on my brand-new 4-track. Late November, 1993:

Boy Gone Fishin' :: 1993 :: by Mita Lupa

Share the Wealth :: 1996 :: by Mita Lupa

Big Spider :: 1994 :: by Mita Lupa

2:45 :: 1996 :: by Mita Lupa

Wood :: 1997 :: by Mita Lupa

Crazy Maze :: 1997 :: by Mita Lupa

With All I Am :: 1998 :: by Mita Lupa

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